Introducing the I AM Game

I AM Grounded

Welcome to Season 3 of The Business Alchemy Show as Laurie launches The I AM Game! Creating magic in your business… one chakra, one I AM, at a time.

The game begins by focusing on the feet portals, where you ground to the earth to feel centered, balanced and in flow. Why feet? Everything starts with the feet. The journey starts with the feet. Are you ready to jump in and play?

I AM Fearless

Lindey Lambert, founder of Amuse Creative, Branding and Communications, joins me on the show today to share her insights from last month’s I AM Grounded clues. Then we move to the knee portals, all about letting go of attachments to things/people/situations from the past and fears about moving forward. Are your knees knocking just thinking of claiming I AM Fearless? Bring your hula hoop and come take on new Challenges, Clues and Creative Intentions!

I AM Possibility

On today’s episode we look at Chakra 1, all about possibilities. I’m so happy to have Izumi Tanaka on the show to share her Loving Kindness mindfulness meditation, opening us up to beautiful possibilities. Your life is about possibilities. Your business, your relationships…wide open possibilities. Come listen and claim your possibilities!

I AM Beautiful

Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, personal style motivator with In-Style by Bobbie, inspires us on today’s show to claim all-out, I AM Beautiful. This is your moment to claim your I AM Beautiful, to honor, celebrate and love all that is beautiful in you. You are enough! You are deserving! You are beautiful! Oh, yeah!